How To Buy a Hoverboard – Hoverboards Buying Guide

Planning to buy a hoverboard? What to look for when buying a hoverboard? This hoverboard buying guide is about what to look for before you buy a hoverboard.


Hoverboards Motor

Most hoverboards have dual motors that are either 300, 350 or 400 watts. The top speed is between 8 and 14 mph, which compares to a brisk running pace.

The size of the motors is also based on the weight of the hoverboard. For example, heavy all-terrain models use more energy.

Some powerful hoverboards with dual 500-watt motors had safety issues related to the batteries in the past, so maybe a slightly lower capacity is better.

Hoverboard Batteries

The lithium-ion batteries that power your hoverboard are a critical part of the product. Based on the size of the battery, you’ll get 10 to 12 miles or 2.5 hours of continuous use on a single charge.

The battery and charging system must be UL certified. When you buy a hoverboard, look for holographic seals and decals that display the UL 2272 certification for self-balancing scooters or e-mobility devices.

Hoverboard Features

Today, you can buy a hoverboard that has all kinds of high-tech features. You can check the battery life at a glance and switch between riding modes in seconds.

Some high-end models have smartphone apps that track your speed, mileage and route. For improved safety, hoverboards are equipped with LED headlights, turn signals and parking lights.

Bluetooth speakers will even play your favorite tunes.

Hoverboard Wheels Size

Most hoverboards made by mainstream brands and are great for streets, driveways, sidewalks and indoor surfaces. They can also ride over smooth lawns.

Hoverboards with large wheels provide greater power and control on rough terrain, so they are featured on off-road models.

Hoverboard Color

Rugged off-road hoverboards are usually offered in utilitarian colors like black and gray. Most brands have a number of standard colors like gold, silver, white, red, black and blue.

You can customize your hoverboard with vinyl decals. These add-ons are available in dozens of colors and prints.

Hoverboard Cost

Price is a major part of most folk’s hoverboard buying criteria. What’s the difference between a self-balancing scooter that costs $150 and hoverboard price of $900?

Above all, you should never sacrifice safety to save a few bucks. Battery fires and explosions are a real concern, when there’s no quality control.

To protect yourself, only buy a hoverboard from a reputable retailer.

You’re also paying for customer service. If your hoverboard is defective or if a plastic part breaks suddenly, you deserve a prompt response from the manufacturer.

BTW, when you purchase a defective hoverboard at Amazon you can always return it.

Before You Buy a Hoverboard

Before you buy a hoverboard consider your budget and desired features. Read all reviews from customers with “Verified Purchase” label to determine which advantages or flaws the product might have.

Finally, put safety first. Follow all rules for charging the battery and riding the hoverboard.


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