Hoverboard Weight Limit

Over the past few years, battery operated mobile devices like hoverboards and scooters have become very popular with teens and young adults.

Although hoverboards are fun to ride, it’s essential for riders of all ages to pay close attention to hoverboard weight limit to ensure maximum safety.  So what is the weight limit of hoverboard?

What is Hoverboard Weight Limit?


Hoverboard weight limit is the maximum weight limit recommended by the manufacturer for the hoverboard. Maximum weight limit varies by type of hoverboard and manufacturer to accommodate various age groups, rider needs, price ranges, and extra features.

Since there are no state age or license requirements needed to ride hoverboards, they are very popular mobile devices with kids, teens, and young adults. Manufacturers make boards for kids as young as 10 years old, as well as active adults of all ages.

All hoverboards have a recommended maximum hoverboard weight limit to prevent device malfunctions and provide a safe riding experience.

If you’re buying a hoverboard, it’s important to check the recommended age range and maximum weight limit on the device to make sure it’s the right board for your needs.

Types of Hoverboards

Hoverboards are available in a variety of models for kids and adults. There are bluetooth hoverboards that provide added technical conveniences and off-road hoverboards that appeal to many adults looking for recreational activities.

You can find affordable hoverboards at most large retailers, discount stores, and sporting goods companies throughout the country.

Hoverboards for Kids

Most parents select hoverboards for their kids based on quality, price, age range, and speed capacity. The recommended age range usually coincides with maximum hoverboard weight limit and maximum speed capacity.

For younger riders, most models support a maximum weight limit up to 225 lbs. and speeds between 6 to 8 mph.  For older kids, most models support a maximum weight limit up to 265 lbs. and speeds up to 9.3 mph. Devices designed for kids are generally designed for kids between ages 10 and 14, so hoverboard weight limit for many manufacturers is often under 200 lbs.

Kids love riding hoverboards because they don’t require guiding bulky handlebars or pushing uncomfortable foot pedals. All you have to do is step on and stay balanced as you ride through the neighborhood.

Hoverboards only hold one rider, but kids often ride in groups with friends that also have hoverboards or electric scooters. Bluetooth features provide a convenient way for parents to keep up with their kids while they are out for a ride.

Make sure the hoverboard you choose for your kids align with their sizes. Manufacturers usually have minimum height and weight requirements for their hoverboards. Make sure you follow maximum hoverboard weight limit requirements.

Although it may seem like a good idea to buy a larger device with higher weight limits that your child can grow with, this will make it hard for the child to safely control the hoverboard.

Hoverboards for Adults

Off-road all terrain hoverboards are favorite choices for adults looking for outdoor adventure. These devices support maximum hoverboard weight limits up to 420 lbs. and maximum speed limits of 12 mph.

Many of these devices will travel up to 20 miles on a single charge. With larger foot platforms and tires, hoverboards made for adults provide greater balance and a sturdier ride for maximum safety.

Many adults enjoy riding hoverboards for recreational activities, as well as convenient ways to get around. Most boards made for adults are about 33 percent larger and two times as powerful as boards made for kids, so hoverboard weight limits are much higher.

Prices range for adult hoverboards range from $399 up to $1700 and offer features like bluetooth, LED lights, LED screens that display speed and location, built-in speakers, and smart sensors that adjust the hoverboard to the rider’s body movements.

Hoverboard Safety

Hoverboards provide a fun experience, but safety must be a priority to avoid serious injuries. Since all of these mobile devices require balance control, close attention should be paid to riding requirements and hoverboard weight limit specifications to ensure maximum safety.

Parents should consider quality, features, and manufacturer specifications for maximum weight limits. Adults should consider their age and any health problems that may impact their balance.

When riding a hoverboard, properly fitted protective gear is essential to prevent severe injuries. Children and adults should wear an ASTM-certified helmet, elbow pads, wrist guards, and knee pads for protection from falls, especially when riding on concrete or asphalt surfaces.

Before purchasing a hoverboard, it’s important to look closely at the following features and specifications:

* Specified Age Range

The specified age range on a hoverboard is important, because devices made for kids are very different than devices made for adults.

Manufacturers take age range into consideration because they know that kids and adults ride boards very differently. To maximize safety, make sure the device you buy fits the rider’s appropriate age range.

* Maximum Speed Limit

The maximum riding speed is important to a safe experience. While kids tend to push their hoverboards to the maximum speed capacity, most adults prefer a slower, more stable ride to prevent falls and injuries.

If you’re buying a hoverboard for a child or teen, choose one with a lower maximum speed limit, since most kids like to ride as fast as possible.

* Maximum Weight Limit

Hoverboards manufactured for kids are not appropriate for adults, because they do not support the same hoverboard weight limits. While some boards made for 14 year-old kids may support as much as 220 lbs, there are many adults who exceed that weight.

Ignoring specifications for hoverboard weight limit can cause device malfunctions, as well as rider injuries.

* Weight of the Hoverboard

Hoverboards made for adults are bigger and heavier than boards made for kids, so they don’t work well for both age groups. Heavier devices can create steering and balance problems for young children, resulting in serious falls and injuries.

If a heavy board with a hoverboard weight limit of 400 lbs falls on a young child, it can easily cause broken bones or head trauma.

* Model Features

Since most hoverboards made for kids are less expensive that ones made for adults, they don’t have as many features. It’s important to know which features are included and which features are important to your needs.

More elaborate features like display screens and built-in speakers often coincide with higher hoverboard weight limit.

* Type of Power

Since hoverboards are powered by electricity, they contain batteries. Most devices contain rechargeable lithium-ion batteries that are lightweight, hold longer charges, and are easily recharged with the right charger equipment. Lightweight lithium-ion batteries allow manufacturers to make hoverboards with greater hoverboard weight limits.

* Charge Time and Run Time

The battery used in your hoverboard will have specified charge and run time requirements. Make sure that those specifications fit your needs. If the battery has a five-hour charge time with only a two-hour run time, you may not get the most enjoyment from your hoverboard.

If you’re planning for outdoor recreational activities, make sure the battery has enough run time, so you don’t get stranded in an unsafe location.

Whether you’re 12, 20 or 40, riding a hoverboard or electric scooter can be a lot of fun for the entire family. These popular mobile devices provide a great way to get daily exercise, run important errands, or just enjoy outdoor activities with the kids.

Electric hoverboards and scooters offer a great mode of transportation on college campuses and city streets where they are permitted. They provides an easy, affordable solution for many college students and adults who choose not to drive.

Since hoverboards operate on two tires and one steering mechanism, hoverboard weight limit and proper balance is a major component of hoverboard safety.

Before you buy a hoverboard, make sure it fits your needs by checking the manufacturer’s specifications on age range and maximum hoverboard weight limit. Make sure your hoverboard ride is a safe experience that doesn’t result in injuries.


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