What is Hoverboard?

Hoverboard is an ultra-quiet 2 wheels self-balancing electric scooter, a personal transporter, a drifting board or electric unicycle scooter.

Hoverboard black

Hoverboards may look a little intimidating at first glance because they have absolutely no handlebars or any other steering device that is apparent to the naked eye, but it just simply doesn’t need it. Your feet and body do what little work is needed to control the device.

Sensors in the foot pad allow the board to sense a subtle amount of extra pressure from your foot or the gentle sway of your body to tell it which way that you wish to travel. This allows you to glide almost effortlessly to your destination.

Many new users have reported that it took no time at all to get the hang of riding their new board. In general, it is expected that you may have one or two wobbly starts before you are able to take off and fully control the board with no difficulties whatsoever.

Even very young kids are able to safely ride them, and everyone says it’s as simple as riding a bike without even the need for training wheels to get started. All you need to do is charge it up and ride, and the long-lasting charge will have you riding for a long time!

Grab & Go

Finally, the Hoverboard offers perhaps the simplest form of powered boards. Pack it in a form-fitting bag and sling it over your shoulder, or just pick it up in one hand and go. Turn it on beside the charging port, climb aboard the two foot pads that grip your feet, point your toes down toward the ground and start your journey.

To turn, put more weight on the foot in the direction you want to turn. When you’ve arrived at your destination, press down with your heels to stop.

Hoverboard is more than a toy

Hoverboard is a versatile new mode of hands-free transportation, brings out user’s creativity and imagination.

Some not only want to use this board for their leisure activities. They are searching for and discovering new ways of incorporating, it into their work and school environments as well. Certainly, the Hoverboard offer a lot of bang for the buck. It can also blur the line between work and play, making life more interesting, enjoyable and outright fun. Let’s take a look at some possible uses for using it.

Getting in style

pink hoverboard

Getting to work or school on the Hoverboard may be the most fun part of your day. If you’re out of the board’s 21-mile range, you can toss the it into your car trunk. Also, tote it on the subway, bus or train and take it along. It weighs just a hair over 22 pounds and fits into a form-fitting backpack.

Moving the mail

If your task is delivering the mail throughout your large building, that’s no problem. You’ll deliver the mail very easily and quickly. You may be able to approach the boss for that coveted promotion. BTW, if you’re in a different department and have to get and distribute the daily mail, the hover board may work for you, too. Using your Hoverboard at the work environment allows you to work and having fun too.
white hoverboard

Workin’ in the warehouse

If you work in a very large warehouse and travel the full length of it several times a day, your gadget could help you. Line supervisors can move quietly, and the employees won’t hear you coming! Another handy use if you may have to access products from far-flung shelves, and give them to customers or prepare them for packing. In those cases, your job has just become turbo-charged with the Swagtron.

Hoverboard Tutorial


  1. It’s best to stay off gravel and away from curbs. Besides, you don’t need road rash as a badge of courage. Also, don’t try riding on one leg. The Hoverboard won’t buck like a bronc, but it will vibrate to let you know that’s a no-no. It’s a sign that you need equal pressure on both footpads. Now that’s a smart machine!
  2. There’s not much of a learning curve. Turn on the switch beside the charging port, and you’re ready. You’ll get aboard right away if you already skateboard. Ride around indoors on carpet for your test drive, and pretty soon you’ll get the hang of it.
  3. Just relax and don’t lean back as you may be tempted to do, or you’ll be on the carpet looking up at the ceiling. After you find your balance, movements are very intuitive. To go forward, press your toes down, and you’ll begin moving. Continue to press down with your toes, and you’ll speed up. To stop, press down with your heels. To turn, shift your weight in the direction you want to go. You get the picture.
  4. When you want to stop without falling, be sure not to lean back, or the thing could scoot right out from under your feet, leaving you hanging in the air before landing on your, well, you know the rest. After you get your balance, you’re ready for outdoors.
  5. Maybe you’ve been on it so long that the battery light is blinking “low.” Now’s the time to charge the Hoverboard. Plug it into 120 Volt AC (or 240 Volt AC adapter), leave it alone for an hour and it’s charged and ready to play for another 20 miles when you are.
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